Why I Am Running

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in St. Albert-Edmonton.  With your support I hope to represent our community, St. Albert-Edmonton, in Ottawa. The first question is 'why'? 

For me that answer is simple - because of family.

Family is everything to me - just like it is everything to you.

St. Albert-Edmonton is the best place in Canada to raise a family. We have a growing economy, safe neighborhoods and great schools. This is where Lianne and I are raising our two boys, Henry and Sam.  It’s a community with a strong foundation and seemingly endless potential.

So much has already been done to put us on the right track, but we can and must do more.  I’m committed to working to ensure our government is effective, transparent, and focused on the issues that matter most to the future of our community.  It is this focus that will allow us to realize our greatest achievements, deliver concrete improvements to our quality of life, and reinvigorate the political process through community engagement.

As a successful entrepreneur and business person, I believe that I have the right experience to accomplish these tasks. As a father of two and an engaged community builder with deep family roots here, I believe that I have the right values and priorities to guide me.

I promise to serve you with integrity, and to put your needs and priorities first. I will be open and approachable, always eager to represent your views in Ottawa, rather than Ottawa’s views to you. 

Our goal must always be to build a better country for our children. This must be what guides us. A country that is safe and full of opportunity.  

Today marks the first step in a long journey to give St. Albert-Edmonton an effective voice at the table.

Will you join us?

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